What About Genie?

COVID-19 has virtually everyone in a pinch to some degree, although the Bermuda has been hit especially hard by the complete absence of tourist from the island. With no cruise ships sailing and all commercial air traffic to the suspended, even Bermudians are having trouble getting home from abroad.

There has been one charter flight from Atlanta to allow Bermudians to return home and allow non-residents to leave. A second charter flight is planned to arrive in Bermuda on Friday March 15 which will be carrying 86 passenger that will have to spend two weeks in a quarantine facility upon their arrival.

The usually bustling Royal Naval Dockyard where the larger cruise ships dock, has been a bit of the ghost town since early March. The reincarnation of the Rattle & Shake is parked in a shed until further notice. All of the shops and restaurants closed as well as no ferry or bus service, has made things rather quiet at the far end of Sandys Parish.

So what about Genie (pictured right) and all the other Bermudians who make their living from the tourist trade? Of course they are in our thoughts and prayers. There are active fundraising efforts in support of Bermudians and the Ministry of Finance is doing their best to provide support.

If you’re Bermudian and would like to talk about your experiences during the pandemic, the National Museum of Bermuda would like to here from you.

Just post your story on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag: #UnitedTogetherBDA.

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