At various times, technical terminology as well as foreign and regional words come into play. This page is intended to make the Father Ecology blog a little less ambiguous or enigmatic. The glossary will likely be updated over time as it becomes necessary.

  • Benny (Bermuda) 1. Noun: high card in euchre.
  • Meshugga (Yiddish) 1. Noun: Crazy person. 2. Adj.: crazy 3. Adj.: impractical
  • Rattle and Shake (Bermuda) Local nickname of the defunct, Bermuda Railway that operated from 1931 until 1948.
  • Sunshine Law (US, legal) A law that is similar to the Federal, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that provides for the open release of records of state, county, municipal, and other government agencies. It is also sometimes called the open meetings law.

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