Gasaxe Art Projects


We came into a used police car and wanted to do something with it. The NYPD kind of frowns upon people making their own police cars, so we opted to make a Transient Alert vehicle. For those unfamiliar with such a vehicle, it would used on a military airfield to direct transient aircraft to their parking place. The general perception of the vehicle was something somewhat different though. One night while stopped at a traffic light, a group of teenager spotted the vehicle and in unison started spontaneously singing the Ghostbusters theme song. This vehicle was stolen and never recovered a few weeks after it was completed.


The Gasaxe Jeep is a military surplus, 6x6, M52A2, 5 ton, truck-tractor. The first picture shows how bad this thing was when we first got it. After a lot of work and buying another one to get enough parts to make one good vehicle, it finally rolled out in the Spring of 2001 and is still running.

Zwei Weltkriegs

Gasaxe Art actively participates in WWII reenacting and has impressions that include the Grossdeutschland Division and the 4th SS Panzergrenadier Regiment. We maintain a large inventory of uniforms, equipment and weapons. Because of the dumbass gun laws in NYC, this project cannot be exhibited in NYC.


Sometime you have to just build something to get a job done. Gasaxe Art does from time to time fabricate equipment to do real-world work. When our metallic art was getting too heavy to lift, we built a crane out of scavenged junk and when our Midwest studio was getting over-grown with weeds, we built a sprayer out of scavenged junk. Both still work fine and see regular use at our Midwest studio.


For many years, we've been involved with doing custom party decorating and what started as simply taking advertising pics for our party decorating website, expanded art photography using balloons as the subject.


In the early-1990's we expanded the decorating business into art installations using balloons. Since that time, this has been the most often copied art installation ever done by Gasaxe Art. Through our own research, we were unable to find any previous art installation based solely on the use of balloons. Unlike many other installations using balloons, we alway invite people to enjoy our installation however they choose. From this we've found that such installations turn into performance art where the audience can take part in the performance.