About Gasaxe Art

All photos taken with a cell phone.

The AXE tag accompanies almost all Gasaxe installations in some form or another. There is another person who tags under AXE in NYC and is often associated MERK and TRK. That is a different AXE than the AXE tag of Gasaxe Art. Often times AXE tags are accompanied by symbols of Italian heritage.

The Gasaxe Flag is a hold over from the USSR V2.0 online performance art project where it was used as the flag of The People's Republic of Pizzaria. The project was started by Dr. Werner Heise, professor of Mathematics at Technische Universität München and was contributed to by Gasaxe Arts.

Military themes often accompany some works. The founder of Gasaxe Art served on both active duty and in the Army National Guard. Below is a camera phone pic taken by a Gasaxe Artist during a Federal Humanitarian mission to restore water to a city following an ice storm.