Father Ecology

Father Ecology takes its name from a long defunct secondhand store that was located in Hicksville, NY. The store's business cards simply said: "Father Ecology - High Class Junk, Low Class Antiques." The store and its proprietor have long since vanished. It's even hard to find any reference that it ever even existed.

In the 30 years since I first visited that junk store, I've travelled all over the world, acquired many skills and seen many things.

Today, that little junk store is reborn here to introduce the Seven Principles of Father Ecology.

  1. Reuse - Eliminate the single use items where possible.
  2. Repair - Fix non-functional or broken items.
  3. Restore - Bring disused items back to usable condition.
  4. Repurpose - Find new uses for old items that can no longer sere their original purpose.
  5. Resell - Sell your unwanted items.
  6. Regift - If you can't sell your unwanted item, give it to someone who can use it.
  7. Recycle - If all else fails, recycle unrepairable, unusable and/or unsalable items that you can't even give away.

You'll always find the latest tips and tricks in the Blog.

So read on, enjoy your visit and keep looking for cool stuff in the Father Ecology Store that you can't live without.

The site is currently getting a major overhaul and some of the links maybe be non-functional for a while